Obonjan island

Welcome to the Obonjan Island Resort, an exclusive island glamping retreat for private hire.

Enjoy the unique ambiance away from the routine, savor fresh local cuisine, and relax at modern facilities with high-standard service.

The resort is located in the coastal area of Croatia – South Dalmatia, on the private island of Obonjan.

Only 136-acres wide, surrounded by the warm Adriatic sea, and remoted just enough from everyday stress, Obonjan is the true nature's medicine to escape the worries of the world.
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Transfers to Obonjan

As a famous touristic country at the crossroad of European traffic, the Croatian coastline is a short flight away from most major European cities.

Croatian International Airport (distance from the Port of Šibenik)
Zadar International Airport - 77 km, 50 min car drive
Split International Airport - 49 km, 51 min car drive
Zagreb International Airport - 351 km, 3 hr 10 min car drive
Rijeka International Airport - 281 km, 3 hr 14 min car drive
Dubrovnik International Airport - 291 km, 3 hr 38 min car drive
Pula International Airport - 448 km, 4 hr 17 min car drive

Option of organizing airport transfer to Port of Šibenik is available.

Easily accessible, but without any on-site traffic, Obonjan Island Resort is the ideal location for a quick summer getaway.

Once you step on the boat, vacation can start.



All of the island homes are eco-friendly, custom-made, modern-equipped accommodation units.
Choose from three types of accommodation, and almost 300 units - Sun lodges, Forest lodges, and Bell tents.

Maximum capacity:
▪️ 274 units
▪️ 852 people

Hidden in the rich pine forest, houses are covered by lavish shade throughout the day. The position of the island guarantees a breathtaking view from every unit, whether it is a sea, forest, or sunset view.

Explore a new dimension of island relaxation.


Private Hire

Rent an entire island for your corporative event.

All of the resort amenities are at your disposal and easily can be transformed into an engaging workplace or a peaceful sanctuary.

Depending on the size of your work team, the facilities can hold up to a thousand people at a time or host just a few for a more intimate work atmosphere.

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