Privacy Statement


This Privacy Statement refers to confidentiality of the personal data collected in the following processes:

- When submitting your inquiry via the Booking Form at

- When exchanging the data by electronic mail

- When checking in at the camp reception

- By telephone

- When making contact via social networks

Obonjan rivijera d.d., as a provider of accommodation services, complies with the applicable regulations in order to protect the privacy of its Customers, and in particular with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. This document describes that as the data controller, Obonjan rivijera d.d. Stjepana Radića 4/H, 22000 Šibenik (hereinafter: Obonjan rivijera d.d.) processes your personal data.

Obonjan rivijera d.d. undertakes to provide personal data protection by collecting only the necessary, basic data about the Customers that are required to meet our obligations; by informing the Customers about the way in which the collected data are used, by regularly providing the Customers, the possibility of choosing the use of their data, including the possibility to decide whether or not to remove their name from the lists used for marketing campaigns. All the data about the Customers are strictly safeguarded and are available only to the employees that need these data to perform their jobs.

All employees of the company Obonjan rivijera d.d. and business partners are responsible to comply with the privacy protection principles.

Please read carefully the rules and terms of using your personal data collected by Obonjan rivijera d.d. for the purpose of providing accommodation services, catering services and other non-accommodation services as well as marketing and sales activities.

The customers of Obonjan rivijera d.d., i.e. recipients of the services notification, are encouraged to read all the information provided on this page, so they could more easily understand which data are collected and processed by Obonjan rivijera d.d., for which purpose, based on which legal basis, with whom and why are they shared, which security measures are implemented and which are your rights related to the access to personal data, rectification, erasure and your right to object.

Obonjan rivijera d.d. protects the privacy of the Customers when realizing the requested services, by providing the notification with our services and using only the data that the user agrees to provide.

We undertake not to sell, disclose or provide the personal data to third parties. Each Customer with any questions about the personal data can send an e-mail message to the address:

Obonjan rivijera d.d. actively follows the principles of transparency and careful handling of personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Croatian Act on Personal Data Protection.

Based on the new regulation, we are providing you with the protocol we use when we store and use your personal data within the company Obonjan rivijera d.d.

The company Obonjan rivijera d.d. stores your personal data in the program that contains the functions facilitating the GDPR implementation.

The personal data collected during the check-in at the camp reception in compliance with the Act are collected and stored for the purpose of registering the overnights stays, sojourn tax and a properly issued invoice for the use of the s Obonjan rivijera d.d. services.

Part of the data are used for statistical purposes and regular camp’s operations, while your email address is used exclusively for marketing and sales purposes to improve the quality of service and communication with the guests. Communicating the new services in the camp, guest satisfaction assessment, camp development, congratulating the birthday and other holidays, as well as more quality guest experience by means of pre- and post-stay mails, in which road conditions, weather forecast, etc. are communicated.

We do not transfer your personal data to third parties in any form or cede them for


The personal data of Customers that are collected during the processing:










Period in which the personal data will be stored

Obonjan rivijera d.d. stores the necessary personal data of the guests registered to the Obonjan Island for the period prescribed by the Ordinance on renters of the Republic of Croatia.

Access and rectification of personal data the customer may request and obtain from Obonjan rivijera d.d.  the complete information about the personal data that are stored, as well as their rectification, by sending an e-mail message to the mail address of the Data Protection Officer:

Personal data erasure (right to be forgotten)

The customer is entitled to request at any time the erasure of personal data (right to be forgotten). The customer may do it by sending a request to the e-mail address of the Data Protection Officer: and the data shall be erased if it is not contrary to the law of the Republic of Croatia. The customer has the possibility to submit a request for erasure in any notification received from Obonjan rivijera d.d. by e-mail, i.e. may send an email message to the mail address of the Data Protection Officer:, stating that his or her persona data should be erased.

Right to object

If, despite all the measures taken to protect your persona data, you think that there are the grounds to object, contact the Data Protection Officer to the e-mail address: You are also entitled to report it to the supervisory authority - Personal Data Protection Agency.

By accepting the Rules and Terms of Use of the above stated personal data, you provide consent to Obonjan rivijera d.d. for their storage and use.

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