Begin with your serene holiday on one of the Obonjan beaches, or withdraw yourself from the reality basicness in one of the countless hidden coves of the island.

There are three main stone beaches, every embellished with turquoise, crystal clear sea, placed on the East, West, and South point of the island.

Although scattered throughout the island, you can find most of the sandy and stone coves near the shore beneath the Amphitheater.

South Beach is a true example of peaceful, untouched nature with a gradual entrance to the sea. This beautiful beach is also the place where we organize stargazing.

A bit more rustic, West Beach has a ladder entrance and jumping rocks for those more adventures. Next to the harbor, it is both paved and stone.

East Beach is the central beach of the island. It is just beneath the Drift bar, paved, and with a cascade layout.

There are numerous sunbeds and parasols at the beach to complete this unique experience.As the starting point for watersports, it has various entrances - simple gradual entrances, ladder entrances, and docks often used as jumping boards.

On the top of the beach is the DJ table to fulfill the island style of life with your favorite melodies.

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Obonjan Island

The resort is located in the coastal area of Croatia – South Dalmatia, on the private island of Obonjan.
Only 136-acres wide, surrounded by the warm Adriatic sea, and remoted just enough from everyday stress, Obonjan is the true nature's medicine to escape the worries of the world.
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